TMNG has recently become a driving force in promoting the connection of industrial clients to natural gas.

Industrial demand for natural gas is on the rise. There are proven benefits to be gained by switching to gas from polluting fuels : improved energy efficiency and better bottom-line results. As a downstream EPC provider, TMNG connects industries and power plants to natural gas, enabling them to enjoy business advantages and at the same time become more eco-friendly.

Traditionally, TMNG has provided design, supervision and management of oil tank farms, cross-country pipelines for oil refineries, and storage tanks. Upon embarking on its first gas-related contract – preparation of a master plan for the Israeli gas market – the company’s focus widened to encompass the emerging natural gas sector. Today, TMNG conducts Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) projects for dozens of factories and power stations, converting their systems to natural gas–based operations and connecting them to distribution networks. From definition of conceptual solutions, through design, procurement, construction of systems in new and existing industrial plants and power stations, to commissioning and handover, TMNG is a one-stop-shop for downstream projects.

TMNG provides full EPC to diverse industries – food and beverages, high tech, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, including ammonia production. The company’s tailor-made solutions take into account the specific requirements of each industry and plant, offering high and low pressure systems as well as supply of the necessary equipment. Its in-house experts have gained mastery in all disciplines associated with the construction of gas systems, including systems for alternative fuels and gases, steam, fire extinguishing, electricity and control, and civil engineering structures.

With its vast experience in conversion of plants and power plants, TMNG is aware of the complexity and sensitivity of systems that are an intrinsic part of power stations, and provides supplementary design and execution of the power plant’s civil and mechanical works.

TMNG also promotes Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) solutions for industrial plants that are beyond the reach of distribution systems, enabling them to save on energy costs from day one.

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Paving the Way for NGV

TMNG has been a dominant player in Israel’s natural gas market since its inception. As such, it has served as a member of the Israeli Standardization Committee that was responsible for formulating standards for NGV stations. Currently, TMNG has several turnkey projects under way for construction of gas stations for bus and truck fleets, and for conversion of existing gas stations to natural gas.

As a prime mover working in synergy with other downstream players, the company is always one step ahead in projects of this nature.

Master Plans & Conceptual Planning

Basic design & detailed engineering