Distribution Pipeline

Client: Super NG Natural Gas Distribution Company


Super NG is the natural gas distribution company in the central area of Israel. The company is responsible for a large area with hundreds of kilimeters of pipeline systems.
TMNG provided engineering services for a system comprising, accumulatively of 100 km pipeline system, two intermediate stations and 40 customer connections.
Services provided in this project include: system design, basic design, detailed engineering, permitting and overall engineering services.


The key issue was addressing newly introduced polyethylene pipeline system in populated and residential areas. The project required negotiating safety aspects with the public and managing public perception.
The interface with a densely populated area, condensed with third party utilities , and major public infrastructures became the main challenge in terms of reaching viable crossing agreements and mitigating public objection. All the aforementioned challenges jeopardized the project’s budget and delivery within the agreed time frame.


TMNG used its accumulated experience and skills regarding national level planning, and its deep understanding of the considerations related to promoting statutory plans. The company conducted a series of in-depth discussions on technical and planning levels, openly presenting risk assessments, providing similar cases from around the world, and discussing standardization, quality and safety issues. All aspects were ultimately managed in TMNG’s unique, self-developed GIS application, and integrated into the detailed design.


This open methodology resulted in an accelerated coordination and permitting process.
Since permitting became the main challenge for realizing the the project, successfully negotiating this challenge led to an overall expedited, seamless project execution. The project’s goals were all met within the time and budget frames.
Furthermore, TMNG provided a comprehensive design solution lead and conducted in-house. The multidisciplinary basic and system design adhered to uncompromising industry standards. The fact that TMNG handled this project from the initial design phase provided a competitive edge in further stages.
The project’s success forms a keystone for understanding the possible realization of deploying distribution systems in Israel, and all its comprehensive aspects – from operational and commercial considerations to public opinion aspects within urban environments.