Brownfield Works for Tamar platform

Client: Noble Energy


A trusted contractor of Noble Energy, TMNG was assigned to conduct detailed design of several Brownfield activities on Tamar & Mari-B platforms.


Noble Energy requested meticulous design to avoid malfunctions and downtime during platform operation. Since Tamar field is the source of 50% of Israel Electric’s supply and fueling numerous industrial plants, downtime could result not only in loss of millions of dollars, but also in risking the electricity supply for the entire country.


Brownfield projects included the following activities:
Safety enhancements:
• There was a skid that compromised an escape route and needed to be shifted. TMNG designed the new safety location
• In order to protect from falling objects, TMNG designed protective shields against mechanical damages
Maintenance Modifications:
• Adding bypasses for improved performance
Process Design:
• Repurpose methanol storage tank for excess rich Glycol stroge
Piping System Design:
• Adding filter coalesces for generators to improve inlet gas quality reroute TEG & MEG to close drain system to improve overall reliability
Code compliance:
•ASME B31.3 & ASME B31.8
•API 1104 & API RP 14C


By assigning TMNG, Noble Energy adjusted the operating systems with required safety mitigation tools, improved the production process, and complied with hazardous regulation. The close monitoring from the design phase, along with TMNG’s tight on-site supervision and customer-centric approach led the company to deliver the optimal solution for Noble Energy. Brownfield works for Tamar gas field are part of ongoing maintennace. This case study exemplifies TMNG’s ability to solve problem that may occur and provide best-in-class delivery that meets the dynamic needs of Noble Energy.