Dovrat-Beit Keshet Transmission Pipeline

Client: Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL)


TMNG teamed up with Brand Industries, a qualified INGL contractor, for the construction of an 18” diameter, 12.5 km long high pressure gas pipeline from Dovrat to Beit Keshet, including interconnecting works at each end. TMNG brought to the project its proven strengths in project management, construction management, site engineering and QA/QC services.


Relatively to its length, the pipeline route was highly challenging in all respects. A series of archaeological sites, combined with an unexpectedly high water table at a specific location, the presence of a nature reserve, and local landownership issues, added to the project’s complexity. All these required the execution of 11 auger borings, including two HDDs, rerouting of a stream, and significant realignment of the pipeline during construction.


Based on its sound engineering know-how and vast experience with pipelines, TMNG, together with Brand Industries, adopted a proactive approach in foreseeing the challenges. The company proposed technical solutions, discussed them with the client and external stakeholders to have them approved, and organized construction teams accordingly.


Despite unexpected findings during the project, TMNG’s proactive process, along with hands-on project management, led to minimizing budget overruns and delays allowing the client to deliver gas on time.
The project allowed one of Israel’s largest industrial players, a major energy consumer, to recover from the brink of bankruptcy by converting its plants to natural gas. A new dimension was thus added to TMNG’s impeccable delivery under exceptional pressure, alongside adherence to the most stringent QA and QC standards in management, supervision and handover of the project.