Master Plans and Conceptual Planning (PRE-FEED) – Consultancy and Surveys

TMNG is proud to include among its clients national and regional policymakers as well as government institutions. The company prepares master plans that take into account all needs and requirements relating to the development of new fuel transmission systems or upgrading of existing ones. It estimates future regional needs versus potential sources, based on which it prepares conceptual plans for possible transmission systems, including assessment of the necessary facilities, calculation of the required investment, proposal of routes for the pipeline and locations for the associated facilities.

TMNG manages and conducts studies and surveys, including environmental impact assessments, safety studies with respect to nearby populations and infrastructure, comparisons between regulatory and standard requirements and other supplementary investigations and analyses, allowing policymakers to make informed investment decisions. The studies also enable targeted work plans to be formulated for advancement of project elements.

Relevant projects include:

Conceptual planning and national outline plan for the entire Israeli transmission system

National outline plans for natural gas–fired power stations, including detailed design

Pre-feed for northern and southern distribution systems in Israel

Conceptual planning and detailed design of a low pressure distribution system in a new neighbourhood in Abuja, Nigeria

Conceptual planning for connection of Noble Energy’s Leviathan Gas Field to the shore