When it comes to gas-related projects, TMNG understands the customers’ need for a single provider that can deliver turnkey services. From transmission and distribution systems to plant conversion, TMNG provides full EPC/M services that are committed to bottom-line results.

With proven, professional experience and vast logistical capabilities, TMNG commits to complete the project on schedule, deliver as promised, and perform according to design. To ensure successful EPC/M delivery, the company often collaborates with leading local subcontractors.

TMNG is a one-stop shop with an engineering legacy inherited from TAHAL Group, while also benefiting from the Group’s logistic and financial backbone. EPC/M services are provided in two main areas: in the midstream field of transmission and distribution systems, and in the downstream field involving connection of power plants and industries to natural gas. The company also provides sound CNG solutions for customers unable to connect to the distribution network and also for NGV stations.

For midstream projects, TMNG’s usual modus operandi includes provision of in-house engineering, logistics and procurement services, QA/QC, and management resources, while working in tandem with local permitting agents and local or international sub-contractors to provide clients with comprehensive solutions.

For downstream projects, the company addresses all aspects of the factory or power plant to enable its optimal conversion to natural gas. It takes full responsibility for the conversion process – from planning the initial layout and receiving the required confirmation from stakeholders, to carrying out procurement, deploying logistics systems, receiving all permits and licenses, and installing the gas systems and related infrastructure. Connection of the end-user to the transmission or distribution system is followed up with rigorous quality control, quality testing and detailed documentation. Project handover is performed only after internal operators have undergone suitable training to acquaint them with the system. TMNG also provides system warranty and ongoing maintenance for the newly-established systems.

Relevant projects include: